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  1. 1 hour ago, Dawnstar said:

    Having finally been able to view the cast sheet, I see Hay was Mercutio. I seem to be doomed not to get to see him in the role! Last time I saw 5 casts & no luck. This time I see 3 out of the 4 October casts & he's in the only one I don't see. Grrr! I do wish they'd announce Mercutio & Tybalt casting in advance.

    I thought he was very good. 
    Re debut,  I’ve seen him at least twice as Mercutio in 2019….22/5 and 1/6 




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  2. 50 minutes ago, Dawnstar said:

    I tried to have look up tonight's cast sheet - just curiosity, I'm not seeing this cast - but the link on the cast sheets page just goes to the main R&J page and then tonight's performance, as it's already started, is no longer on the list of performances. Has anyone managed to find where tonight's cast sheet may be?





    We’ve got Friar Ponytail tonight. He looks a lot more willing to dispense poison than marry people.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, KyleCheng said:

    Thank you @Rob S and @Silke H for the lovely photos.

    Does anyone recognise Ms Nadia Mullova-Barley, current an artist with the RB, in any of them? I saw her name on the cast sheet but I am terribly bad with faces.

    The interest, of course, stems from my admiration for her mother, whose Mendelssohn concerto I find to be among the bests.


    She was in an earlier act and wasn't in the curtain call

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  4. 8 minutes ago, LinMM said:

    I’ve just received a reminder for R&J performance next Saturday 23rd October. 
    In this info it states that the performance starts at 2.30 pm 

    I had always thought it was a 1.30 pm start? 

    Has anybody else received a reminder with the time 2.30 on it? 
    As am now confused 🤔
    It’s actually in the part where you can download the actual e ticket so it’s on the e ticket on my personal events page that it says 2.30pm ....not in the general email info which does say 1.30pm still. 


    Although I'm no longer going to it my note in my trip list on my phone says 1.30....and it still says 1.30 on the What's On page of the website and on the My Events page, I can't view the ticket, presumably as I've had it refunded

  5. 56 minutes ago, Dawnstar said:


    In terms of debuts, have Buvoli & Gasparini done the harlots before & has Braendesrod done Paris before? I do wish the ROH noted debuts so I'm not sat there wondering whether someone is new to a role or whether they did it in the last run but I didn't see them. Thinking ahead to future debuts, I found myself while watching Richardson as Benvolio wondering what he'll be like as Romeo come February.

    Isabella Gasparini posted on Instagram that it was her Harlot #3 debut, I would assume it was a debut for  Annette Buvoli too but not sure, they were both great.


    I also assume it was Braendesrod’s debut too but based on my previous trips anyone that isn’t Tomas Mock must be a debut!! 😆

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