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  1. 1 hour ago, FionaE said:

    Sadly I’ve tried that and it’s still too large 🤔 900+ kB after compression.  And the tool won’t let me compress further.  I used an Image compressor.   Could someone recommend a better tool or method?   No idea why the original photo is so large… I use my iPhone.  


    Open a Flickr account (it's free) and host them there, then link to them here...you then don't have get the file size down at all

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  2. 13 minutes ago, FionaE said:

    Fantastic programme that we’ve heard of so far.  Daichi performing Rhapsody.   Looks like Alexander Campbell is doing a solo from Dances at a Gathering.  

    Fully expecting to melt while watching .. 3pm start on a hot summer’s day! 🥵 


    now … how to get a seat with decent sight line?  🤔  (I’m going on Sunday)

    Is the seating unreserved? It looks my idea of a nightmare, sitting in direct sunshine at this time of year, staring at the back of someone’s head (they’re bound to have a big floppy hat on 👒

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  3. 1 hour ago, Shade said:

    Thanks to a return ticket I was there today. First time in 18 months and I felt it was well organised and I felt safe. I know the seating can’t remain but it was great for me not to have anyone sitting directly in front of me.


    thoroughly enjoyed the performance - those around me didn’t enjoy the Mats Ek piece. I thought it weirdly amusing but out of place in this programme. Lovely farewell to ms Stix-Brunell.


    Got to admire ms Naghdi a ballerina fully majestic in the role of Aurora. 


    i must say it was a bit challenging getting out of Covent Garden- two tube stations shut due overcrowding with football fans. Thankfully I was wearing trainers and walked to Charing Cross but there were a lot of noisy fans there too.


    very glad I went though


    Were you in the front left curve of the Stalls Circle? Some people there couldn’t contain their laughs, a bit distracting. I really enjoy it, both Magri and Osipova were fantastic.


    I was really impressed with Joonhyuk Jun’s Bluebird, so pleased I got to see that.



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  4. 3 minutes ago, jmhopton said:

    Terrific photos, Rob. You really captured the moment. I was there and I wasn't sure who the flower givers were as they were all wearing masks. I thought I recognised Kevin, who was first, then Gary Avis and Christopher Saunders but not sure about the others. 

    I'll comment more about the performance when I'm home. I'm on the train and it's very shaky!


    Thank you, Edward Watson is the one in the white shirt

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  5. I guess this is the correct place for travel news for Sunday’s mixed bill.


    I work for Great Western Trains and earlier this morning received a Retail Alert to inform me that the timetable will be affected all day on Sunday 11th July ‘due to a significant number of staff having to self isolate through test and trace’ which of course is code for ‘the football is on’. There are planned cancellations but also a risk of short notice ones too.
    I imagine many train operating companies will face the same problems ⚠️ 

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  6. 2 hours ago, FionaE said:

    The ‘sale’ prices of recordings seem out of touch with reality …

    For instance, ENB Le Corsaire DVD with Alina Cojocaru and Vadim Muntagirov reduced to £19.99 from £24.99 in ROH shop when you can watch the same show on ‘ENB On Demand’ for £7.99 (though this is only 3 days access).


    ‘Dancer’ the movie about Sergei Polunin is reduced to £16.99 from £19.99 in ROH shop, when you can purchase permanent digital access for £7.99, or rent for 48 hours at £3.99


    Clearly it's cheaper to go the On Demand route if you know you'll only want to watch the content twice at most, all my ballet blu rays get a frequent viewing. And as DanJL says digital files get either lost or completely forgotten about and if they are supplied by Apple they're a real pain to try and watch any way you want

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