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  1. There are only 2 centres offering SA's currently and 5 for Ma's
  2. Annoying that it is only Saturdays that are affected!
  3. Didn't bother with the tracksuit bottoms as they are so baggy. Went with navy leggings instead.
  4. Not sure if they still have availability but Edinburgh Festival Ballet are in Stockbridge. Part time and full time school opening this year.
  5. Be prepared for a whole lot of JA's in uniform as everyone has to reaudition for mids places. Can be a bit off putting if you are not ready for it.
  6. They were very slow at making payment so don't rely on it!
  7. It would seem there is to be a part time option for this new school. For age 12 to 17 years.
  8. No mention of summer yet for Edinburgh Festival Ballet. Auditions soon for full time after the summer.
  9. Wait list for us too. Feeling like the list must be quite long.
  10. Those that got kept for physio definitely thought they were the ones going to get places!
  11. From what I could gather there is a mixture of solos with some choreographing their own dance (which we did too), some festival pieces and some teacher created dances. Exactly what they are looking for is difficult to know, so don't take it too much to heart.
  12. Edinburgh Festival Ballet School is planned to open this year! For 16+ Auditions April
  13. Absolutely go along and enjoy a fun class. My dd came out grinning. There are large numbers applying ,over 300 a couple of years ago mostly for the monthly Sunday classes. Better odds if you can manage to Glasgow for the weekly ones.
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