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  1. Once I accepted last Thursday I had an email from Lauren Brumby to say the acceptance form had been received.
  2. My DD was 14 and due to attend the RBS summer intensive at White Lodge. The course was completely cancelled and an online intensive was offered, this was open to anyone and no audition was necessary (only that it wasn't for beginners). My DD did two weeks of classes as this was what she had planned anyway. My understanding for RBS was that my DD would be required to audition for 2021 intensives as normal. However, DD has been very fortunate and has been selected by the Artistic team (who were watching all the online classes) awarded a 'Direct Entry' for one RBS intensive next year withou
  3. Birmingham MA class is mixed with boys and girls.
  4. Looks like Senior and Mid associate results are coming out.
  5. Thank you and fingers crossed xx No there isn't an attachment
  6. I did the photos myself in my lounge. Just to say I have never danced so the photos were approved by my 13 year old DD so I have no idea whether they are correct or not!! She go wait list for Summer last year and the year before and Spring this year. But got a yes for Spring last year. She is a year 9 MA and started with associates in year 6 which was her first ever attempt of auditioning. I think it really is just what they are looking for at that moment. Good Luck everyone. We are completely led by her and as long as she is happy and and the no's are not det
  7. We got a yes for our DD. Also confused about dates but checked application and have applied for 3&4. So guessing that is what she got She will be thrilled always had wait list for Summer. She did Spring last year and got waitlist this year. Who knows their thinking. Good luck to everyone waiting xx
  8. When my DD was offered a year 6 place at Birmingham they offered 24 sessions. I requested 24 or 32 when applying, when we received the result I emailed RBS and said that if there were spaces on the 32 class we were happy to take it, and they moved her across straight away as there was a space. I don't think its comes down to talent or travel etc, I think it probably just how the administrators allocate it. Good Luck to everyone.
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