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  1. Yes, definitely a tough decision, my daughter really wants to audition, as do all of the finalists, it just seems surprising that all others are cancelled/postponed other than Elmhurst. I am sure we aren’t the only ones concerned about travelling, there’s still another day before the audition and things are changing so fast every day. I guess I will wait to see the alternative and hope that they will accept a video audition.
  2. Oh thank you, I wasn’t aware of this!
  3. I’m new to this forum, hi!! I’ve just received the email about Elmhurst finals still taking place but I’m worried it’s not classed as essential travel. My daughter and I were meant to be travelling by train, now I’m thinking of driving just to avoid public transport. What about those who can’t attend because they are in self isolation - do you think they would get another audition date? It’s all very up in the air, isn’t it and I’m sure that there will be those who will not be able to travel, due to self-isolation, where does that leave them? Corona virus is getting very scary and causing all sorts of mayhem 😢
  4. Panic over, I have managed to source someone who can do it by next week! I'm so relieved. Thank you for your help!! Xx
  5. Thank you dancertaxi, I'm in Plymouth. I'm trying one more place locally today but if your costume maker is able to help, that would be amazing. I'm just worried about the timeframe. Thank you Dancing unicorn, I was going to contact RBS to see what they say. I'm sure they wouldn't mind, I just didn't want her to be the only one not fully prepared for the first day.
  6. Can anyone help? I'm getting desperate. The lady who I asked to make my daughter's skirt is now unable to and I'm stuck. I can't find anyone locally and have tried phoning the recommended service however the lovely chap says the worst case scenario is 3 weeks to make the skirt and my daughter starts on the 9th Sept. Does anyone please please have a skirt for sale? My DD is 8, and 21"-ish waist. Even if someone has one they could kindly and trustingly lend me until I can get one made and I will then send it back.
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