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  1. Well I do ask my teacher and he recommended feet exercises and running as be notices our breath getting difficult during such a fast dance. But I feel this is more than just my feet being not so flexible and strong for my new pointes. Its ny calves that hurt so much, not just after sleeping for the next day, but actually after 3 times doing the pas de quatre. Like I lose control over my whole legs so that standing en pointe is difficult and also doing the "enchaquatre" (not sure about spelling). That is why I am not even sure which part is the problem.
  2. Hi all i just got my new pointes a month ago, I practise once weekly but I warm up my pointes 2 3 times a week. We are learning the pas de quatre from swan lake. I used to do it (get really tired) with my old shoes. But now I don't just get tired as in short breath, my legs kill me. My new shoes need me to stretch my whole leg more than my dead ones, which makes me get sore legs faster and makes me unable to continue dancing with the same level (because I can't keep my legs so straight when i'm that tired. Question is, what kind of exercises would help. I mean do I need more feet exercises o
  3. Well they are not the same and I don't guess they are my perfect fit, but the best I could find now I ordered grishko triumphs and will have them by november so I needed a pair as my shoes were more than dead. And I guess my posture in my old pointes in its last period was so faulty it made it harder for my feet to maintain a strong arch and push over my new shoes, specially with my low arches. I just wonder if all ballerinas have high arches I hope I am not the only one with low arch
  4. Well is it normal for my first week or so in my new shoes to struggle?
  5. I happen to have very low arches,and I have been wearing pointes for a long time but my last pair got dead and I stayed in it for a long time. I just got my new Pair and I am having a hard time getting over the box and it is making me wonder, can low arched feet get over the box while maintaining the correct foot shape I should be in while en pointe?
  6. Yes I heard of the Jet glue. I was wondering if it is made specifically for dance and dance shops, or would I find it in other stores.
  7. Well yes they are dying I guess, but I will get new ones in October unfortunately. Would glueing them help? And what is the glue used?
  8. Hi I am having a problem with pointe work recently. During work on one foot the nails of my big toe get like cracks as if they will break and really hurt. Even though they are always very well trimmed, never long and I wear paddings. What should I do?
  9. Thank you all for the replies I am trully thrilled to join I want to make clear that I am not trying at home I have been practising for 10 years with a great teacher here, but he wouldn't really help with buying pointes as he is a he. So no worries I am not injuring myself, I meant by amateur that I practice once weekly, and I am not on the national ballet team (unfortunately) Second point is that here there is no pointe shops so there are no fitting procedures. There is just someone that contacts grishko and sells from their brand but she can't fit us so for fitting I'd wait till I am
  10. Hello I am new here I really need advice to buy new pointes. I am an amateur so I only practice 2 hours weekly. The choices for pointe shoes I can buy are grishko 2007, 2007 proflex and fouette proflex. Also sanchas. My last pair was a capezio, and I wore it for many years (makes me wonder how after reading pointe shoes last only for some months, I am afraid they are broken but they feel okay.) I have low arches and medium length toes. When I tried 2007 I felt the vamp was a bit long but idk if this would loosen up when I work my demi pointe with it. I am really confused, some months later
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