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  1. My daughter was a RBS JA and did cecchetti for 2 years. She enjoyed the classes very much. She only stopped because we changed our festival timetable and it clashed with a number of the dates.
  2. Sorry your DD is upset. She is still very young in terms of development both physically and psycologically. It might be worth looking at something like cechetti associates who seem to have younger children. I tell my DD that learning to deal with dissapointment is part of dance training. It just means that the dancer is just not ready yet for that particular activity/part yet. Children develop and get stronger at different ages as with other activities. We have all seen the children that are reading at 3 years old while others take up to 7+ years. It is the same with dancing. If they learn to think they win some/lose some it will help them be strong enough to take rejection for auditions if they want to work professionally in later life. To be honest, I think it is us parents that find it more difficult to deal with!
  3. My DD does tap attack and loves it. North associates is in Halifax now instead of Manchester. My DD would agree with JOD that more than once a month would be great however I like having some time off!!
  4. My DD has just turned 12. She does 2 x 45 mins grade ballet and 1 hour vocational ballet. She does ballet associates most weeks. I think it is the quality of teaching that is important so if you have a good ballet teacher then I woild definitely take her advice. She knows your DS capability the best if she teaches him regularly. I sometimes worry about my DD doing too much so I am keeping a close eye on how things go and it maybe that she has to drop something in the future.
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