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  1. Hi Alison, I agree with you that "Senior Swans Ballet" comes nowhere near the Trademark "Silver Ballet". Senior ballet has come to the fore in the last few years and doubtless there are hundreds of ballet teachers / companies using the term all over the world. The sad fact is that this teacher does probably not have the means, or inclination, to fight this. This is understandable for someone who is not used to dealing with legal threats ... I am just mystified why the RAD would go after a freelance teacher like this and scare them. They must know that they do not stand a chance if it came to court. It has changed my outlook on the RAD as an organisation completely. Marc
  2. I was made aware this morning of the RAD sending an email out to someone running a small business in London for senior ballet classes under the name "Senior Swans Ballet". The email threatens legal action and demands they stop using the name "Senior Swans Ballet" immediately, claiming it is too similar to the RAD "Silver Ballet" programme. Funny thing is, this lady was using the name "Senior Swans Ballet" more than two years BEFORE the RAD came up with the name "Silver Ballet" ... and, in any case, the RAD do not own copyright to the word "Silver" or "Senior" or "Swans" or indeed the word "Ballet". It is outrageous that small freelance dancers are treated by the RAD in this way, especially in the current difficult times for the whole dance community. See the original post on Facebook below: https://www.facebook.com/seniorswansballet/posts/1157258378044891 Please share with as many people as possible, I don't think the RAD should be bullying people in this way!
  3. We watched CASANOVA in Cardiff last Saturday and were simply speechless throughout. This is one of those very rare occasions when all elements come perfectly together to create the ultimate audience experience, the music, the choreography, the set design and lighting, the atmosphere in the theatre, the dance skills, the artistry, the costumes. All in perfect harmony and complementing each other so beautifully. If I was to make one small criticism, it is perhaps slight over-use of frantic arm-ography. We have seen many, many ballets and other dance performances, this beats everything we have seen so far. I thought ENB / Akram Khan's GISELLE a while back was excellent but this was on another level for me. If I could see it again next week I would, but everything left to see is sold out ... And all for £25 with good seats in the stalls ... fantastic value for money. Thank you Northern Ballet !
  4. Hi cavycapers, So glad you enjoyed last night's performance. I am told the Taunton audience last night was one of the the best they have had so far. For the cast, it was a 4 hour journey there from Hinckley and 4 hours back afterwards, a long but rewarding day! After Pinnochio, as far as I know, Romeo and Juliet is next in the Autumn this year, then followed by Giselle next year. Both of those will probably attract bigger audiences. Having said that, I really admire the fact that BTUK are trying to be different and creative with new and less well-known pieces. It's a fine balance, you have to generate revenue as well as meet your creative aspirations.
  5. hfbrew, There was a cast list given to out to everyone at the opening night in Coventry so don't know why you didn't get one in Bishops Stortford. I can scan my copy and email it to you if you wish. The programme is in production and will be ready very soon I'm told. There are two casts, so not every performance will have the same artists in the same roles necessarily. Your performance was Cast 1. Here is the list for Cast 1 : Pinocchio : ROBERT NOBLE The Blue Fairy : CLAIRE CORRUBLE CABOT Geppetto : VINCENT CABOT Jiminy Cricket : SARAH MORTIMER The Fox : CHARLOTTE LAURA EADES The Cat : RODOLPHE GIACALONE The Puppeteer : PEDRO SANTOS Lampwick : GRACE CARR The Ringmaster : LAIA RAMON Fairground Folk, Ghosts of the Tree, Blue Fairy Attendants, Puppets, Circus Clowns, School Children and Ocean Spirits : ARTISTS OF THE COMPANY SHOWN ABOVE, PLUS : EMMA MILLER, LEXI HARRINGTON, INES FERREIRA, JODIE TIELEMANS, AMY KEENAN, DAVID BREWER
  6. Here are some video extracts from the opening night : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQHkJwMnXd4
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