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  1. I’m very cynical about it, I would love to be proved wrong but hope anyone looking at it does so with their eyes wide open.
  2. Would be interesting to know how many from Central have got jobs from the exposure on their long established company tour. Otherwise you could find yourself paying out a hefty fee for a year to get to tour.
  3. Yes but don’t the students need to get jobs? When will they have time?
  4. Find them looking for graduate year students (yr 14) odd. I’m aware they took the occasional student into yr 13 or 14 in past from other schools but to actively look for them? Why do they need this cohort? Surely they should be concentrating on getting their current students experiences and dance jobs? Graduate year an extremely busy and expensive year with all the travel to auditions. My Dd and her peers not given permission to attend some auditions as it would impact on end of year show rehearsals and now they have a touring ballet company so this will interfere on students ability to audition even more. And fees for a year? No DaDA available for one year.
  5. Wishing your son every success in his apprenticeship, what an exciting opportunity. And @Harwel enjoy the ballet rest, I can vouch it’s wonderful.
  6. The PhysioRoom brand have weight limits on the description
  7. Jane

    Room 101

    They had read that the candidate had an ‘address in mid Sussex’ and as not local wouldn’t vote for them. We live in Suffolk and it actually said ‘address in mid Suffolk’
  8. Jane

    Room 101

    Just been to the mobile library where the chat was about the local elections and of course brexit. Of our two candidates one listed their address, a village about 7 miles from ours and the other stated that their address was within the district. The only other customer at library this morning didn’t vote as ‘never going to vote Conservative and Lib Dem one from miles away - Mid Sussex’. Mid Sussex approx 140 miles away, she totally mis read the ballot paper 🤪
  9. Jane

    Room 101

    You had twice as many candidates as our ward. Having had our postal notification vote cards for the European Parliament will wait to see what our options are.
  10. Imagining they must be very loud when doing their pecking. We have some perfectly round holes in an oak tree and funnily enough a deaf neighbour who struggles to hear conversation can always hear the woodpeckers working away on their holes.
  11. With Elmhurst they will look at bed availability. A boy turning down a place will mean he frees a boys bed (unless was a day pupil).
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-47965467 The article above is the one I referred to that mentions dietician and her findings regarding restricted diets. Frightening reading. I don’t think there will be a parent on here that has had a child at vocational level not witness the damage body image and restricted dieting has had on more than one young dancer.
  13. There is an article on BBC news today about diet and sport. The sports dietician mentioned, Renee McGregor, evidently works with ENB among others.
  14. Go early for your pointe shoe fitting rather than walking round for a while beforehand, feet change shape as they warm up. Expect to wait especially as it is school holidays. Our last, unsuccessful, fitting at Bloch we had to make an appointment that they made no effort to fulfil but wouldn’t see Dd without. Don’t assume that if Dancia suggest a Bloch shoe the Bloch shop will have it. Take convertible ballet tights to wear for fittings. Purchase toe protection in first shop and use for every fitting. Make sure toe nails are short.
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