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  1. Hope they’ve got an understanding teacher so they can go sort themselves out and not feel totally humiliated in front of rest of class. Housekeeping staff were brilliant at sorting out laundry and would do bedding if needed on a ‘non bedding’ wash day. Leotards and tights were put on clothes horses to dry but I don’t think many girls would want their knickers out for display whilst drying.
  2. My Dd has stopped dancing but feels secure in Modibodi period knickers for yoga and Pilates. I would say if away at vocational school the logistics of laundering period knickers would be a nightmare.
  3. There was popcorn too but I was expecting that. Red wine took me by surprise
  4. Tea might be better than the trays with red wine and two glasses that seemed popular at the cinema I went to on Sunday lunch time. I’ve decided I don’t like the smell of red wine.
  5. I have to admit to having a vested interest as someone with one of these conditions. It sounds great all elite teenagers being tested but there has to be the genetic counselling in place for the family before it takes place. If the child is found to have the condition the chances are a parent does also and siblings have a 1 in 2 chance of carrying the gene even if they don’t go on to develop the condition. Yes most of us would want to know if we have a potentially life threatening heart condition but it can be life changing for all. You might have to change jobs, leave work, suddenly can’t get travel insurance at an affordable cost. Siblings who are symptom free but a carrier might never get a mortgage. Lots to think about.
  6. https://www.c-r-y.org.uk/screening/ The charity I mentioned above and I suspect the one that offer the service at the leisure centre @Picturesinthefirelight mentions.
  7. It’s impressive that your GP offers this service to young athletes for such a minimal cost. In the UK a GP is not going to offer anything like that even if you have to pay for the form/letter to be completed at your normal surgery. Although 10 years ago we had to book a private appointment with GP for Dd, can’t remember what the cost was going to be but Dd hadn’t been to GP for years so he waived the fee. Can’t remember what was done beyond weight, height, checking for scoliosis and a general chat. In the UK a GP wouldn’t analysis the ECG of a child so wouldn’t offer this. There is a charity that offers this service and has regular screening programmes for this aged 14 and above. Google Cardiac Risk in the Young test my heart for details.
  8. Jane

    Room 101

    😂 @alison the last thing it can be described as is fancy. Garage used to describe it as ‘a shopping trolley with engine’ but stopped mocking it as the mileage as crept up beyond 200,000. I was so determined to get to work after my last adverse weather shift when I ended up being collected by a private fire engine/rescue truck and had to make conversation with a very kind volunteer driver for over an hour and then fall out of the cab when we arrived as I’m so short. Had better journeys. I noticed mini eggs in Coop when looking for birthday treats btw Christmas and New Year.
  9. Jane

    Room 101

    The garage don’t seem to think it will be an expensive job but maybe it’s something I shouldn’t make a habit of. Was determined to prove I could get to work and I did, warning lights came on during journey home.
  10. Jane

    Room 101

    I probably shouldn’t have driven through the floods, turns out the catalyst converter didn’t like it.
  11. Jane

    Room 101

    My car is off to garage tomorrow as a number of warning lights have come on and stayed on since the floods. Garages first response was ‘wait and see if they go out when it dries’ - they haven’t. My car doesn’t really owe me anything at over 10 years old with over 200,000 miles on clock but having only ever needed a new battery and heating fan but will be upset if the floods have finished it off.
  12. Jane

    Room 101

    You have to give it to vets though at least they are thorough in their examinations. GPs on the other hand ...
  13. Jane


    Well done getting the tablet down with food. After numerous failed attempts the only food that hides a crushed tablet in our house is the Felix cat soup. I’m sure he heard the vet say ‘the tablets are fish flavoured so cats love them’ and thought I’ll show you vet I’m not that stupid. Hope you find a way to bath sore paw and keep your hands intact.
  14. Unless they’ve changed in last year or two every pair of GM I’ve ever seen have a suede platform so never need darning. They are also some type of polymer so very flat not like the paste and glue ones that might have a manufacture ‘imperfection’ They are however the most difficult shoes to sew ribbons onto.
  15. @Megaly Merlet were my dd shoe of choice. Although we never found online I used to call the shop where she had her fitting and they would post out to her when needed. They used to hold a stock for her too.
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