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  1. There were a number of news articles a year or so ago about Ballet Black and Freed working together to produce shoes in a variety of skin tones. Not sure they aren’t special order though?
  2. Sadly my experiences with our local police are similar, once even asking me to remind them where our village was 🙄. I’ve found recently you can report some events via a weblink on the police website and I would be tempted to report the gas canisters purely because if in the future there is a death or serious injury at this site involving nitrous oxide it won’t be on your conscience.
  3. Do you mean the little silver canisters that contain nitrous oxide? If you are finding quantities of them I think the police would be interested before they’re called to an incident at the site. My annoyance since the C-19 lockdown is on our daily walk we encounter discarded wet/baby wipes and latex gloves on verges. We’re in a rural area but not a beauty spot and haven’t encountered any new walkers but have constantly been passed by lots of cars so do wonder if they’re discarded from the vehicles. Still haven’t heard a cuckoo but the house martins returned this week.
  4. Jane


    I don’t know how to link previous threads but there is a very recent one about Harlequin floors
  5. We’ve noticed we haven’t had any starlings this year. Last few years there have been loads.
  6. Oh yes perfect gift. I gave postgirl some as a thank you this week.
  7. Flowers or some nice hand cream?
  8. And a friend who takes her daily exercise in Christchurch posted a photo on her social media yesterday showing the owl was back in residence.
  9. Jane

    Next September?

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-52732814 Update from Cambridge on next academic year. Feel sad for all students with so much uncertainty for them.
  10. It is called ‘multisystem inflammatory disorder’ of children and adolescents, very similar to Kawasaki. Children with it really won’t be dancing or taking part in sports - they will be very ill.
  11. Have you discussed with your local incontinence nurse? They may have experience of other children taking part in dance, gymnastics or sports.
  12. Have heard today that a local deli now has both dried and fresh yeast plus bread flour. Maybe smaller shops near you might have something @Fonty
  13. My Dd was given two polo shirts, size XS height 164cm, they are as new because student they belonged to originally didn’t stay long at the school. Dd never grew into them in all her time at Elmhurst. If anyone is interested in them I can send out after lockdown is over.
  14. I wish I knew Fonty. Weekly I hope some might be available in supermarket. I was surprised to find a lack of various items from our list this week; pasta, eggs, broccoli, cabbage, rice... It was much like the beginning of the lockdown.
  15. Jane

    Next September?

    I assumed (rightly or wrongly) that the original poster was asking after a vocational dance school. Assuming they are then the school will be dealing with students from various locations both nationally and internationally that will be in boarding houses or shared accommodation. And consequently will have to plan for various scenarios much as universities are, desperate to get back to normal but the welfare of staff and students has to be considered. I imagine most parents and students want to be back in full time education but the reality is it should only happen when it is safe to do so. Australia might be ready to send their children or brats as you so eloquently put it back to school but haven’t they had around 100 deaths?
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