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  1. Jane

    Room 101

    We’ve noticed an increase in this behaviour. We generally do one of three walks across fields and since the pandemic there have been more poo bags but also a new habit of people discarding wipes in ditches and verges.
  2. Jane

    Room 101

    How frightening 😱
  3. Jane

    Dog show news

    Isn’t that what pets are for Jan? To have us just where they need us. Beginning to cool here but still masses of thunder bugs
  4. Jane

    Dog show news

    Poor chap, speedy recovery Chipdog. Too hot for walks, good excuse to rest in cool room.
  5. Jane

    Room 101

    They evidently love dormer windows as an access point into loft space but will chomp through plaster board according to council pest control. Not much fun laying in bed wondering if you can hear the hum of the nest above you. @2dancersmum fascinating photo. Did they disperse?
  6. I hope you are right and Dd was wrongly informed during her diploma.
  7. And as my Dd says actors have Equity, musicians have a union. In fact most workers have a body to protect their rights in some way. Dancers are out there alone with no support.
  8. Jane

    Room 101

    Oh no we’ve suffered that on more than one occasion. First time I called pest control he scared me to death by asking if they had eaten through the plasterboard.
  9. Few years since we received a dance report from them so this may have changed 🤞 The first assessment on the list was ‘physique/proportion’ marked out of 5. Further down the list you find musicality, artistry, use of turnout etc @Alwaysdriving that is very sad and worrying to hear.
  10. If the students were in a closed room with only one teacher seeing them day in day out maybe the six times per year weigh in would make more sense. The very nature of Elmhurst means most studios have large windows, during every class there are other dance staff, pastoral and medical centre staff milling around and watching. And does it matter what the staff decide to call it or the students to that matter. An eating disorder is an eating disorder and needs professional help.
  11. I’ve been thinking about this all day since watching the clip earlier. Why if they are promoting body image are they still weighing the students 6 times a year? And why are they still doing it as a class group ‘quickly’ unless the student has anxieties about their weight when they then get the special treatment of a private weigh in? They see these young adults day in day out in leotards they can surely judge if they are a suitable weight without putting them on scales? For the last decade they’ve been doing the six weights per year so maybe nothing has changed after all.
  12. Taken them long enough to say they are proactive. They tried to be blind to eating disorders during my Dd time and even removed the guidelines from the parent portal. I hope the staff have been educated as their comments tend to be the route of the problem.
  13. They’ll spray you on admission and then you mustn’t breath again until you leave the venue 😉
  14. 3 books now sold. Ballet Companion still available
  15. The Ballet Companion - Eliza Gaynor Minden £5 HB A True Heritage - the story of The Royal Ballet School & Companies £2.50 from White Lodge Museum Functional Awareness Anatomy in Action for Dancers by Nancy Romita and Allegra Romita £4 (some highlighted passages) Finding Balance (2nd edition) by Gigi Berardi £4
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