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  1. Anyone starting this on Sunday ? My Dd is very excited / nervous !!
  2. My Dd Attended Tring SS and loved it . She was in a group which did more ballet than others . Dd loved the tuition , house mistresses , food and everything involved . I was very impressed with the variety of classes offered and the standard of the teacher on observation day . The certificates and extra awards were a nice touch st the end of the day too .
  3. My DD is also 12 . She's very excited too. Do you know how many places are on the course ?
  4. Love Laines as a school their show this year was outstanding especially the boys .. Just wondered if anyone had any 1st hand dealings with this course or is it new ? There is no audition .. So just wondered the standard . The application form asks for grade standard etc . I'm just intrigued .
  5. Anyone had any dealings with this ? Was looking for my DD . Just wondered what the standard was like.?
  6. My DD is attending too . She's just turned 12 . She's done a few courses before , this and one other . And also been to a few Tring one day events . She's very much looking forward to it . She's always excited to see who's teaching and who's group she's in .
  7. 32 this year . Hong Kong were present . China and Japan not this year but have been in past years . The ballet was dominated by Portugal .
  8. No it's not associated with All England but many of the same schools participate . And the organiser for Team England runs an All England affiliated festival . If you can take the time to watch the mini and children's Gala , it's well worth a watch . The standard was incredible across all genres of dances that were performed . You can find this link on the DWC website and is available to view on demand . When it comes to cost and expenses.... Yes it can add up , but that depends on a number of factors ie how long you stay ... Where you eat ... How many of your family go etc etc . But my DD raised every single penny it cost to go from doing cake sales , obtaining sponsorship etc so I can only commend her . Yes , it is a competition and yes it does involve children but to me life is a competition and I believe events like these enable children's confidence to grow and able these children to learn a huge amount of others skills . Yes it may not be a true reflection of the 'best ' in the world , but I'm sure a 100 metre runner still wins a race even if Yusain Bolt isn't running !! All I have witnessed over the last 6 days has been positive and the party last night was a true reflection of what the competition is supposed to be about , and that is all nations uniting together through the love of dance .
  9. Yes it's live streamed on the dance World Cup website . I totally understand where you are coming from joyofdance , it's a very interesting experience . Some sections are amazing , some others not so much and the standard varies enormously from country to country . The ballet solos and the moderns are outstanding . I watched the boys ballet 10-13 today . If you can , please watch . The lad from Portugal who was awarded 98.7 for his solo variation, received a standing ovation from the audience including the judges .
  10. We are having an amazing time the standard is amazing and the atmosphere electric !! Jersey is beautiful and the people so lovely . And my DD has the added bonus of bringing home a bronze medal ! Her smile hasn't moved for days .
  11. My daughter is doing the jazz and tap day at Tring in May half term . She's also done Easter and summer courses in the past at tring and has loved them
  12. Hi , we've had the bad news today that a lovely family at our school will be relocatinge to the bath/Somerset area . We are keen to find them the best school possible as one daughter in particular is very talented . Any suggestions ?? It would need to be an all round school to include ballet , modern , tap , jazz etc Thanks in advance .
  13. Which heat were you at proud mum ?
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