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  1. Wanted Mariinsky Bayadere

    Can I also go into the queue behind Jacky - looking for one ticket for any of the Bayadere evenings. SCS would be ideal but anything reasonable considered
  2. Ticket has been spoken for
  3. ENBlover - it's yours. Will wait for your PM.
  4. I'm no longer able to use my SCS D42 for this show. It's an e-ticket. If you're interested please PM me and ideally also post here to say you have done so Many thanks, MichelleS
  5. Now sorted thanks to a forum member
  6. I'm looking for one or ideally two SCS for this show - they don't need to be together. If you have any spares I would love to hear from you Many thanks, MichelleS
  7. Yaffa Could I please have your Main House Stalls Circle Standing ticket? I'll also send you a PM Many thanks, Michelle
  8. Alison Thanks for alerting me but a little too restricted for a person of my stature Very much appreciate the offer though. MichelleS
  9. In that case maybe a good time to mention that I am also looking for a ticket (in case of Fairy Godmothers with additional capacity out there............) Any offers considered Many thanks, MichelleS
  10. I have SCS D43 spare and for sale at £8 for this date. Please PM me if you're interested and ideally also post here to say you have done so. I can leave ticket at the Box Office or hand over at a show prior to the long weekend Thanks, MichelleS
  11. Ruth Would love this for a friend Will PM you now Thanks, MichelleS
  12. I'm looking on behalf of a friend for a SCS or similar ticket for the Jewels matinee this Saturday April 1st. Obviously I'll try Friday rush but if anyone has a spare, I would love to hear from you. Can also swap for a good SCS for the 1 April evening perf if that works for you Please leave a message here if you can help and we can arrange via PM. I will also be at the matinee. Many thanks, MichelleS
  13. Lenore - do you still have this ticket? I have a friend who is looking
  14. Yes, please! Will PM you now.
  15. Amelia I've emailed you directly about this Thanks, MichelleS