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What has happened to the ROH shop online facility?

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Wondered if anyone had a better understanding of this than myself. We tend to use the ROH shop online facility to order posters, clothing, dvds and cds but recently during the update of the website something has happened and the shop online facility is no longer on the website there is simply a link to the telephone number and address of shop. We are no where near London and the products were always good for birthdays and christmas' at our house. Was wanting to order off here for a present.

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I emailed the ROH shop and received this response:


"We hope for the website to be available by the end of the month, it will start small as we are becoming an Olympic shop in July, as the Royal Opera House is housing the Olympic Museum in the summer but we will still be selling a number of ROH items online, with a fully stocked online shop late summer."

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