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I'm sure we have loads of YT experts on this site, so I was wondering if someone could answer this question:


Normally, when I've visited a page with Internet Explorer, I can do Ctrl+H and bring up a list of the pages I've visited that day, and get back to it. Yet when I visit YT it doesn't keep a record. You'd think I'd never been there. Yesterday I spent a goodly portion of my monthly download allowance downloading half-an-hour or so of video to watch later, but when I went back to the page (via the link from the page which had done the original linking, since I couldn't get back there directly) it had all gone.


Short of bookmarking every single YT page I want to revisit, does anyone know if there's a way of navigating back to a previously-visited YT page?

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If you want to watch something you've seen recently, under What To Watch at the top left you can click History and it'll bring up a chronological list starting with the most recent. If I find a video I like the look of but don't want to watch immediately, I sometimes start it going just so it registers on my History list and then I can get back to it from there.

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