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RBS JA Online Form- signature of teacher?


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Hello again! Hopefully this will be a quick and easy one. After doing the photos for the JA application on Saturday our teacher asked if we could bring in the form for her to sign? I'm going through the application now and it doesn't appear to look like I need to print anything out, it can all be done online, and so far the only signature I can see that is required is mine? Her teacher did say it's been a while since she has gone through this process so I'm wondering if she is referring to the old way of doing it? I haven't gone so far as submitting anything yet as photos need to be cropped and I need to measure and weigh DD, I was just having a practice run but so far I'm not sure what she means? Perhaps I've not gone far enough through the system yet as I remember reading you had to give the height of both parents and I haven't seen anything about that yet either?

Thank you for your help sorry I really don't know what I'm doing..

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Petal violet

Off topic but I was wondering if you could share with me some tips you got from the ja for a day experience?! We were hoping to attend one but nearest one was 3 hours away. Typical as last year there was one 20minutes down the road but dd was not old enough.

I would have sent dd with her socks folded down.

( I just don't like them pulled up) if it was not for your comment on the ja leotard thread

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I'm sure other more experienced members will have lots more advice than me!!! But from a total newbie I would say- although it's a great opportunity to see for yourself what a typical JA class might be like and how your DD copes and compares there wasn't any feedback from the teachers themselves but I'm sure that's just general knowledge. They do correct and praise but I doubt anyone asked about their DC specific potential or there were braver mums than I!! For us it was the first time to be with other children thinking of taking that next step so a real eye opener.

I was worried about the size of towel to bring? They just need one big enough to lie down on and stretch out. Plenty of very bright ones too! If you are going to the London JA Day there was plenty of choice as to seating and everyone had a great view however they do take at least three breaks for water which parents kept with them and there was lots of scrambling to get to parents seated farther back and return on time- I would have sat closer.

It was a mixed bunch in terms of outfits and hairstyles too! I was just awed by a little girl in immaculate satin pink shoes, convertible tights, braids and a shawl to drape over her legs...which looked like it had been handed down from generations of dancers but other girls had hair falling out all over the place in the middle of class and no one teaching batted an eyelid. (Or they covered it up well I don't know)

It's a polite but disciplined class- make sure you have a toilet break before you go in as one little girl asked to leave about ten mins before end and was kindly asked to wait which she was happy to do but the look she got from mummy *shudder.

We changed in the hall itself afterwards as there just wasn't space in the toilets. This was perfectly fine but DD having been asked to remove her underwear by her teacher meant I had to protect modesty with towel and got a bit flustered. It was great to have our teacher there too (she was accompanying other children to the afternoon event that day) but she also arranged for my mother in law to come too? I know it said one parent and/or teacher but perhaps if you ask specially then if there's room you can cheekily have someone else with you!

I didn't find it particularly competative, everyone (mums too) were self conscious I'm sure but it didn't feel pushy, more fun with a purpose. If you have anything specific let me know?!

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I'm starting to think my teacher is a bit OCD with the fiddling and tweaking of underwear but all three of the girls sent to toilet to whip them off! I don't think going commando helped I think it made her a little self conscious actually. Plus she wanted to wear a special dress to lunch afterwards and we were running a little late otherwise she could have just popped her joggers back on.

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Oh and you don't get lunch.


Hehehehe but it does say JA for A Day doesn't it? Tea trolley and a few biscuits always smooth proceedings.


I was STARVING. About half way through I really could have pulled out a flask of coffee and a cheese twist and tucked in "oh, don't mind me, carry on" etc...

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