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A day in the life of a Bolshoi Ballet Academy student


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An insight into the daily training regime at the Academy for those that might be interested in seeing what it's like from a current student's perspective:




For information and also might be interesting to hear what daily training looks like at post-16 vocational schools in the UK and elsewhere and how it compares to the Russian approach in terms of academic/ vocational mix, dance styles taught, extent of performance opportunities etc?

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Thank you for posting,JoJo. But,you surely eat something in between breakfast in the morning and tea at 8 o`clock in the evening,don`t you?

It's my DD's blog, the quays - well-spotted - she will have a light lunch usually just before or after ballet class along with a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack :)

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I really like her blog JoJo. Very informative and interesting.

Thank you, Harwel, I will pass that on to her.  She enjoys writing her blog - information was so scarce when she was applying so this is her way of making it more accessible for future applicants.

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