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Hi Everyone, I wanted to find out if anyone can recommend a good musical theatre summer programme. DD wants to have a break from ballet for a week or two over the summer and pursue her other great loves being singing an Theatre. As we are new to the UK I am not sure where to even start looking for a really good quality programme as all our research time has always been spent on ballet. Also does anyone know of any forums like this one that focus on theatre and singing??

Thanks :)


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In which case I'd reccomend somewhere like Laines or Doreen Bird (my dh used to teach there)


The ones lovetodance reccomended are mostly aimed at younger children


Hammonds Summer School is also more of an all round summer school. They do a daily ballet class but also do a musical theatre singing class & street/jazz classes.

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Laine Summer school is absolutely wonderful.  My DD did it this summer and absolutely loved it.  The staff are fabulous and so are the students who help out.  Watching the end of school show I was amazed at the professionalism that the students had created in a week.  It was like watching a west end production.  Highly recommended in my book and my DD's.

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