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  1. I have a photo of the original audition notice however I haven't the technical knowhow to post it. It clearly says "Applicants must have extensive ballet training and excellent classical technique, including pointe for women. Ability in jazz dancing and singing is an advantage but not essential." It also went onto say "Applicants who do not meet the requirement stated above should not apply." I believe they were a huge amount of 'authentic' ballet dancers who auditioned and the selection process was rigorous. Quite unlike a 'normal' ballet audition. My understanding is that MT applicants were auditioned separately. From my extremely limit knowledge of those in the ensemble, I can name four who are currently working in major ballet companies and who have never worked in MT. Others have been named within this topic.
  2. The programme for the coming season is now on the website, use this link to scroll through the months: http://teatrwielki.pl/en/repertoire/calendar/data/2016/09/#/f/0/1-30 Booking opens later this month. Top price tickets are around the £25 region with a discount of 20% for the more mature!
  3. Jack goes to a full time stage school. I wonder which one?
  4. My son use to do this as they are easier to get on and off in a hurry - no need to uptie them ...
  5. I can't help with the book atm (will ask around) however, if your daughter has an Instagram account there is a ballerina who posts pictures and recipes. She can be followed - health.on.pointe
  6. Definitely worth a trip north of the Watford gap and a chance to wear my Balletcoforum badge.
  7. All the websites seem to be in America. Have you tried contacting the Polish Cultural Institute in London. They made be able to let you know where there the dance troupe's in the UK who can tell you where they get their costumes.
  8. Maybe I'm being simple about all this - the position doesn't exist - well jolly well create it and reinstate him to his rightful position as Artistic Director (Ballet). Presumably he had an original contract so I wonder what an international employment lawyer would make of it?
  9. Yasmine and Matthew are on the front cover of the November issue of Dancing Times. I would image the article will be in the form of interviews rather than a review of their debut.
  10. When you wake at 5am and check on any postings reviewing Frankie Haywards debut as Juliet!
  11. toursenlair - thank you. Couldn't agree with you more regarding paying the bucks for the tickets etc.
  12. Thank you Don Q Fan. Ps. Just reread my posting - sorry about the spelling mistakes, finger trouble!
  13. I have been reading several postings about casting and Froum members buying tickets for a performance to see their favourite dancer(s) in a particular role. I can understand their disappointment when, due to injury, there is a cast change. I remember years ago being almost sick with excitement getting a ticket to see Jonathan Cope in one of his last performances at RB before his retirement and then for him to go and break his leg! I think we are very lucky here in the UK to know in advance who is dancing a role on a particular date. In my DS company (no name, no pack drill) he might get to know 10 days to a week in advance. The tickets go on sale at the beginning of the season for all performances seem to sell well despite not knowing. Please excuse my ignorance but can anything enlighten me as to whether announcing casting well in advance is the norm in other countries.
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