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Two new entries show on the Coliseum (ENO) dance roster in 2015 ...

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These are (i) Diana Vishneva; On the Edge - (another outing by the producer of Kings of Dance and Solo for Two) in April - and perhaps more excitingly - (ii) Ballet Folklorico de Mexico in July.  The Balcony is currently closed for both (although there is a £15 bottom for the latter which is considerably lower than for the former).  


Given the date span of the items now being shown for next (e.g., 2015) summer it very much looks unlikely that any one of the major Russian companies (e.g., Bolshoi, Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky, Stanislavsky) will be appearing at the Coliseum as had been rumoured in some quarters hereabouts especially knowing that the ROH is unavailable to the Hochhausers over the period of the next two summers as it will be under the specific oversight of the ROH/RB itself.  I wonder - (i) having shown itself such a potent fiscal (e.g., money-making) entity when the Hochhauser's last presented it at the ROH and (ii) knowing that the RB enjoyed such a keen success at the Bolshoi Theatre this past summer - if the RB ITSELF might not present the Bolshoi Ballet as a capital (fund raising) venture for the charity during part of one of those summer programmes.  It would be understandable (i) from the sense of calculated risk; (ii0 knowing that they have an ACE funding level cut over the next three years and (iii) - as noted here recently by Sim - their determination to discover more independent ways of seeking funding for the institution itself.  (In such circumstances the initial producing funds would, of course, have to be independently raised.)  I believe in one of those videos that were briefly posted on BcoF during the period of the RB 2014 summer tour that K. O'Hare (in and amongst the translation into Russian) spoke of closer ties and possible cooperative links with the Bolshoi and Mr. Urin.  Such, I'm sure, would be keenly appreciated by the Russian giant especially given the drastic fall of the rouble over the past two weeks.  Friends of mine in Russia have said that the fear quotient in that regard is currently massive.   

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*What* summer programmes, Bruce? I'd assumed that the ROH would be closed so they can do all this reconstruction work. It's one thing to say the normal run of performances will continue during the works, but surely they must need the summers to do the major stuff?

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