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Ballet in Swansea


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Hi - I don't know if anyone can help.


My daughter does ISTD ballet at a dance school in Swansea.  The school only offer 1 lesson a week for children doing pre vocational grades, and for various reasons my daughter (who is 11) wants to do more.  So, what are my options, really, to help her, bearing in mind she is very happy at her current school and doesn't want to leave completely (she does tap and modern there too, and she loves the festivals and shows they do).


Would her joining a RAD ballet school (which doesn't do festivals or shows, just exam work) be a bad idea?


Are there any ballet schools which offer a more comprehensive training pre vocational grades?


Are there any "extra" options she could get involved in?  I know some areas have Associate schemes etc, but I don't think there is anything like that near here?


Does anyone have any ideas?

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I think your nearest associate schemes are in Newport, South Wales both with the Ballet Cymru associate scheme and with the Welsh Cecchetti Associates http://www.cecchetti.co.uk/youngdancers/associates/. I'm not in your area to have had experience of either of them with my DDs but cannot fault Ballet Cyrmu summer school which we have done.


As far as weekly classes are concerned, a RAD ballet only school sounds like it could work but I would have a chat with her current teacher first to see if they can offer anything more for her. One ballet class a week aged 11 is not a lot if she is keen to do more, especially if she maybe wishes to do anything dance related in the future.

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