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  1. Also - thanks for the Floorbarre suggestions. I am told Pilates is very similar, and she is currently taking classes in this with her dance teacher.
  2. Moneypenny - I was considering that we might drive up to Warrington for an initial consultation, and take it from there.... Though it is a 3 1/2 hour drive so I couldn't do it on a weekly basis! Her current physio is great but honestly has no idea about dance (when E showed him a plie he seemed horrified... "but... your knees!") I just can't seem to find anyone locally who has that specialised knowledge. Even the people mentioned above (Julian Widdowson and Nick Cleverton) seem to work for NDIMs which I am told we can't access from Wales. So frustrating.
  3. I see Rupert Wiltshire does online coaching - that might work alongside her current physio... Rebecca
  4. Right - you are all confirming my feeling that we need to supervise this more closely than "oh, just give it time and it will all work out OK". We are in South Wales - Swansea. This means that we sadly can't access NDIMs as they don't accept referrals from Wales. I haven't been able to find a dance spec physio in South Wales at all. Bath is nearly 2 hours away, so not really achievable on a regular basis, although I suppose we might be able to arrange to go on an irregular basis if they wouldn't mind liasing with our regular (local) physio. If a
  5. My daughter (15) fractured her ankle over the summer, and we finally have clarity on the precise nature of the injury (8 weeks later). It is good news: two fractures, one with a flake of bone coming off which really confused them, and a fracture across one part of the joint, but no ligament damage, the main fracture is stable and it should all be healing nicely. She can now put weight on her foot, and her main complaint is lack of flexibility in the joint, which makes it hard to walk properly and is apparently just due to the swelling in the joint, and that is hurts if she uses it too much.
  6. I would go straight to a physio, to be honest, and not bother with the GP.
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