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Photography idea


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A previous topic has given me a possibly awesome idea! I am a hobby photographer.... hobby in that I don't put myself out for hire as it is too much on top of my job. But starting next year, I will be starting a tour around the world and along with workaways and volunteer opportunities, I was hoping to use my camera to offset abit of my costs possibly with bartering.

I frequently do some crazy photoshoots with my 17yo and some other ballet students therefore am aware of lines, posture etc.

I wonder if this would be viable thing to do while I am in the UK if the price was right? All outdoors, and unique to ones community. Would this be something any of you would be interested in?

Really just thought of this so lots to think about.

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Well I have no fixed plans and hope to go where the wind blows (spent a holiday in York and London last summer after dd's YBSS) and would likely find myself in UK in either August or September. So I would go wherever was suggested. Crazy I know but it's my dream.

I used to have a facebook page for photography but haven't updated in awhile as I get more job requests then I am willing to do. I have recently joined Flickr and am slowly uploading but maybe I should get a move on that.

Is it ok to add a link here on balletco?

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