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Pointe shoe shop Cardiff?


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When we were at summer school in Newport and DD needed new pointe shoes the Ballet Cymru staff told us to try either A & A Dancewear in Barry or Dancewell in Bristol. DD was dancing and just wanted the same shoe as she already had so there was no fitting involved - I just went to collect the shoes but A & A Dancewear were very helpful and ordered the shoes we wanted in so that I was able to collect them 24 hours later. I don't know how many brands either of them stock but could be worth a call to find out.

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Both my dds have had pointe shoe fittings at Dancewell (no appointment needed) and have had good fitting shoes. However, after being advised to go to London as there is more selection, younger dd now wears Gaynor Mindens (she had been en pointe for 4 years by then) and now I just order them online.

Kathy's Dancewear in Fishponds, Bristol also do pointe shoe fittings (appointment needed) but the last time I went there they had to order in more pointe shoes (should add my dds have wide feet but narrow at the back so if they fit at the front they slip off at the back!).

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