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RB Serenade triple bill - £35 stalls, £20 amphi - Mon 26 May 1:30pm

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I was tempted, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere in the RoH checkout process to enter the offer code…….


Hmm. It's before the checkout process.


Just to double check, are you looking at the right date? This is only for the one performance I refer to in the title. :(


When you get onto the seating plan, click on 'Orchestra Stalls' and then click on a seat, there should be two green boxes on the left. One with the full £64 and the other Evening Standard price of £35. That's what it looks like to me now, but that might be because I entered the code earlier (and I'm not being prompted to in the same way now). Earlier when I input the code, I can't remember which screen it was on but it was the top right and said something like "Do you have a code? Enter it here". Let me know how you get on. :)

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I found where to enter the code and I did and clicked the update tab but then the ticket prices are the same i.e. just the usual full price :( weird 


Oh, that is a little weird. It's only a few price points, but there should be plenty available in the £64 section in the Orchestra stalls. If you're still having trouble, you can phone them too. The number is on the first Evening Standard link I posted. Hope you get it sorted. :) 

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