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ENB nutcracker ticket offer - 26th dec only

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Use the code present10 to get ANY remaining tickets for £10 for tonight's performance.


Dress circle tickets for the family now firmly in the email inbox... Ok, doesn't sound the same as 'in the pocket' but the end effect is the same.


Happy buying...

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I think that sales may be affected by two factors: many families with children spend Christmas out of London (I can't remember the last time I spent Boxing Day in London) and this is not compensated for by people travelling into London because the train services are restricted - for what seems to be days this year. I don't know what the bus services are like. I see that next year ENB is *only* performing The Nutcracker at the Coli 34 times instead of 38 times. I assume that ENB pays the Coli by the day (and that is why there are so many double show days) but it seems unfair to make the (non-principal) dancers dance at some many performances if there are not going to be good audiences for them. Does anyone know if ENB has to pay for the days on which it does not perform falling within the period for which it has booked the Coliseum? The number of performances needs to be looked at. I would have thought that the number should be cut down to 30 or perhaps less.

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