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my mum has been asking me if i want to do this adition or that adition and i have said yes 2 all most all of them! that is good but i think instead of doing lots of seperet ones i think i should go 2 ballet school! and se if i like it there i am going old now and i know i want 2 carry on with my dancing and i think ballet school is the best place 2 go! :) tell me if i should go and follow my dream or be stuck at school doing ballet lessons for the rest of my life?! :D

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Hi ballet2shoes, it is so lovely to read your post and see how keen you are and how much you love dancing!!


When you go to auditions, treat them as a special day out, enjoy yourself and have fun. Remember to listen carefully, and do your best to follow their advice and instructions.


It is very, very hard to get into full-time ballet school, so it is perhaps best to try for as many as possible. There are also lots of other things you can do, such as associate programmes (ask your dance teacher to explain this to you) and there are many workshops and youth ballet companies as well.


Wishing you the very best of luck, (and don't forget safety on the internet - it's best not to put any personal details about yourself on here)

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Very good advice, taxi. Ballet2shoes, I only ask which year you're in at school because your age/school year has a bearing on which schools and associate schemes you could look at. You don't need to give me any other information. :-)

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