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White Lodge/Elmhurst Year 7 Auditions


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I have a couple of questions and was wondering if anyone here could kindly help me.  My son is thinking of auditioning for White Lodge/Elmhurst for year 7.  He is a JA at the moment but we are realistic about his prospects and realise that there is a lot of competition.

Does anyone have a view on whether it is better to hit an early or late application date?

I wonder if the earlier ones are less busy, and that might be better as there might be less pressure.....


If successful at the first stage I believe both these schools then invite back for a final audition.  If you have an early audition, do you know within a week or two if you are invited back for the final audition, or do they wait for all the preliminaries before deciding who to invite back for the final.  If the latter, I guess it might be a long wait if we go for an earlier audition!


Thank you!


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Hi Suzyszoo! Welcome to the forum.


You choose your date by venue for the WL auditions. You dont get to know if you have made finals until all the preliminary auditions have taken place, plus a week or so, and that time gap seems to vary each year. All that said there is a new artistic director as head of RBS so that may change this year. You will see from the website that all the preliminary auditions are within a few weeks of eachother.


For Elmhurst you can request a specific audition date, unless the date is already full. In previous years you receive a letter a week to ten days or so after the audition to inform you if you have been successful to be invited to the finals. Preliminary auditions at Elmhurst are spread out over a few months.


Hope this helps and best wishes to you DS on his journey!



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When we were JA's many many years ago the teacher held a meeting for boys and parents to talk about applying for year 7 and to give us the opportunity to ask questions.  With Elmhurst we applied early and there were only about 8 in the audition so very relaxed.  With W/L no choice on date unless you are lucky enough to be near more than one location.

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