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Residential summer school 2014


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Maybe a good idea to have a look at the schools websites. Some SS dates may already be published. You can get an idea from last years dates too as in my experience most schools stick to the same weeks. WLSS was end of July, Elmhurst is end of August. It always hard when trying to book your hols...... We are the same! ????

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A different perspective ......


Whether are children are at vocational school or not, it's probably fair to say an inordinate amount of the week is spent driving them to and from classes, festivals, group rehearsals, associate classes - the list goes on.


Perhaps for one week of the year family should come first?  There'always another summer school but time spent together is so limited.


This is from the perspective of a parent whose family were all under the same roof for precisely four days this summer.  Who in the last two weeks has had two children starting at universities at opposite ends of the country,and yesterday had to drive 300 miles to collect the third from a large musical event to get her to an orchestral rehearsal.  We have booked our family holiday for next year (for the first time ever) without consulting any schedules and nothing will be more important than a collective chance to draw breath.



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