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As a very general rule this "multi-tasking" business seems to expect dancers to have many skills, supposedly to be more employable in an ideal world.



Forgetting finances just for a moment :-



So  (aside from dancers on a "ballet only" route at RBS etc )  do you think it is better for eventual employability to - at 16 - keep a broad education going in several disciplines at schools like Tring and then maybe go on do more specialised training afterwards at 18/19 in say Ballet/Contemporary or MT and then get into work (if possible).


Or go to straight to schools like Central & Rambert who seem to be training their students to go into companies after the 3 year degree courses and not really to go on to further training.

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Well Central and Rambert - IMHO - should really be on the list for classical training, with the aim of leaving and getting a contract with a ballet, ballet/contemporary, or contemporary company.


It really depends on your eventual aim. If it's commercial, jazz, musical theatre etc. then I would think a good route would be sixth form at a school with a really good versatile and multi-faceted "dance" course, with the option of following that at 19 at Laines, Bird, Millenium etc. - or of course going to Laines, Bird etc. at 16.


If it's pure Contemporary and/or Classical Ballet, then I would aim for a course which obviously covers both but at a school/conservatoire which has a good record of getting its graduates into companies or into post 18/19 contemporary training.

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