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How to sell a car?


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Figure out what a fair price is and put it online @ a site that is dedicated to only selling cars lots of pictures to show you have nothing to hide. Whatever the real price is knock a few hundred off when you advertise it and don't change your price in your ad. It might take awhile but hang in there. You will have ppl contact you offering you way less, just tell the to get a rel life.


To find out your cars true value take it into a dealership where it has been serviced or just a dealership for that particular make of car if you don't have it serviced at one. Have the used car manager or buyer price the car for you as if you were going to sell it to them and add 10-30% to that price and sell it yourself. Another way to find your price is to go online and see what dealerships want for a car like yours and the years ahead and behind yours and get a feel for what is on the market is in your area. Take the dealership prices and price yours a bit lower because there are plenty of buyers that don't want to work through the hassle of a dealer or just don't trust them.


When you have a buyer that is interested & you arrive at your agreed upon price go to their bank, credit union or where ever and get a certified check, cashiers check or cash and only then hand over the title. I sold a car last yr like this and I even stood in line with the guy to get the check.


Hope that helps!

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If someone wants to do a test drive, make sure you or someone you know goes in the car with them.  Some years ago a neighbour's wife let a prospective buyer go for a drive on his own (he had left his small rucksack with her and seemed genuine) and he never came back! 


If you have a dealership near you that specialises in your make of car, they may be prepared to buy it off you if you don't get any other interest.

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