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Audition photo size?


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I would think on flat, this is what we have done for our dd (yr 9) - usually if summer schools want positions en pointe they ask for them specifically. 

Landscape is probably better for the arabesque and portrait for the full length - have fun taking the photos :)

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No, that just means that they want you to wear leotard and tights (as opposed to a costume), and they want a full length photo rather than just head and shoulders. For instance many forms ask for a passport sized photo - of just your head & shoulders, plus "full length photo in practice clothes" of each of the positions specified.


So for York, I would have sent a passport sized photo of dd's head, PLUS


1. photo showing all of her in arabesque, wearing leotard, tights and ballet shoes


2. photo showing all of her in first position, facing the camera.


They are just specifying that in the positions requested, they can see all of you, including arms, legs and feet. No need for a separate photo in parallel.


Hope that makes sense!

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