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We have been looking into options for our DD to attend a performing arts school or specialist dance school, ballet related, and I’m struggling to understand the funding and financial assistance options available.


One of the highly recommended schools (not sure if I can name them based on the rules) states approx £12,000 per term from year 7 for a boarder. 

We are trying to understand how to find out if we get assistance, what options there are, what level of help you get etc but a lot of the schools don’t go any further than saying ‘it’s available’


I assume many here have sent their child to a school like this as a boarder so hoping someone might be able to advise


Thanks in advance

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Royal Ballet, Elmhurst, Tring and the Hammond all have MDS scholarships available (music and dance scholarships) if your joint income is under a certain amount (i think its about £150000). Its means tested...so the higher your wages, the less scholarship you get....there are calculators online where you can work out roughly what fees you will pay....


You have to audition successfully to obtain an mds offer and I believe the offer is for those who have a strong potential in ballet (rather than dance per se).... the audition process is quite competitive (for elmhurst for example we were told that only 1 in 10 successfully auditioned for a year 7 place when my dd auditioned...even more competitive for Royal Ballet)....


...If you get a year 7 place in Royal Ballet or Elmhurst you automatically get an mds offer (if you earn under the threshold). They have less mds for Hammond and even less in Tring. So some children in the year will pay full fees....unless offered a bursary of some description.


I believe there are bursarys also available for some other schools, such as Moorland and London Vocational school - best contact the schools direct though for more info.... Hope this helps x 

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Thanks for this information, I will have a search for the MDS funding calculators. I know a lot of them state that you shouldn’t be put off by fees but when they are between 30-40k a year or 2,500 - 3,300 a month it’s hard not to think about 😅

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Yes that's true! Often the decision is made once you audition, as the schools are not easy to get scholarship for...


 We ended up getting funding for 2 schools and opted for the closest, the other schools were ruled out. 


Elmhurst, Hammond and Royal ballet have a calculator I believe....elmhurst mds also includes their uniform (£500 per year, not the formal uniform) and music lessons - every little helps! 


There are also house fees, schools trips and travel which all add up! And as the mds is assessed annually it is constantly changing....


Good luck! X 

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