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Cost of venue hire


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I am trying to look for a Venue to start a new class but I just cannot make the sum works. The cost of venue hire vs the number of students or the amount I need to charge in order to just break even. Average venue hire in my area is around 30-40 pounds per hire per hour. Just wondering who everyone else manage? 

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What area are you looking in and what type of venue.


Our local church hall is, I believe, £25 per hour.


I go to Tai Chi in Crosby and it's just gone up to £8 per session because our teacher told us the venue hire had gone up.  There are usually around 15 people in the class.

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My teacher has recently done two things to help cover rising costs

  • Reduced the length of our adult's ballet class from 1 hour to 50 minutes and cut the hand over time between classes. We are paying the same for slightly less time, but the class feels just as good. This small change means she can pay slightly less room hire each week.
  • Reduced the discount you get for paying for multiple classes up front


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