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Extension on Offer


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I’m not sure how it works juggling offers.

This is for full-time/vocational for a 17-year-old. DD applied to a couple of schools. We’ve heard back from one with an acceptance and have two weeks to take up the offer.

However, she has also progressed to the finals for two other schools, and she won’t know the outcome until well after those two weeks are up. 
How do people work this?

Do you ask for an extension? Is that the done thing or is that a big no-no?

We don’t want to risk putting in jeopardy the first offer as it may end up being the only one and we are quite happy with it. However she just like to see out all applications and make an informed decision.

Does anyone have any experience with asking for an extension or no? Is it an okay thing to do? How would I word it? Do I admit it’s to consider other offers (they probably guess). 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Do you have to pay a deposit on acceptance? Last year we accepted several offers whilst waiting for a finals result and also news about Dada funding.  We also got a two-week extension at one of them before DD had to make a decision. Once the finals result and funding came through, DD made a decision where she wanted to go and we declined the rest. We did lose a small deposit at one school but it was worth it to have the flexibility. We know of others who did the same. These schools were all in the UK. 

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We did initially pay €600 to accept and hold her place but have now received extra paperwork to return by 2 more weeks.
Pretty sure once that has been returned we are locked in for the entire year!

so it’s at this point I may have to ask for an extension or decide to just proceed.

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@Ebonee - personally I think I would ask for an extension. You've got nothing to loose my asking, and potentially lots at stake if you don't.


I would have expected that 600 euro deposit to be enough to secure your place until you've made your final decision. 

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