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RCS application photos


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I'm hoping someone may be able to help/advise.


We are applying for RCS this year, I’m aware of the UCAS separate application process, but my question is, would anyone be able to advise me what the photo application requirements were for last year, if their DC’s applied? They seem to be updating the application requirements at present, so no information is available and unfortunately no one is responding to my emails or answering the phone and My DD has her photo shoot for US photos on Sunday 😬 

I appreciate these may change this year from last, but thinking I may just have last years ones taken in case.


Happy if someone would prefer to DM me.


Thanks in advance x

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2 hours ago, JJBalletMum said:

Hello, just wondering if you have managed to find out what the photo requirements are?  There’s still no information on their website that I can find.  Thanks!

Hi, yes I’ve messaged you ☺️

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Hi @New to this the details are now on the RCS website, it has been updated, 

(i) Demi-plie en face

Picture-1-Demi-plie-in-1st-position-en-f Picture-1-Demi-plie-in-1st-position-en-f

(ii) Degage a la seconde

Picture-2-Degage-a-la-second-2-225x300.j Picture-2-Degage-a-la-second-225x300.jpg

(iii) Developpe a la seconde en l’air

Picture-3-Developpe-a-la-seconde-en-lair Picture-3-Developpe-a-la-seconde-en-lair

(iii) Arabesque en l’air, facing decote (side)

Picture-4-Arabesque-en-lair-facing-decot Picture-4-Arabesque-en-lair-facing-decot

(iv) 2nd position en pointe


The photographs do not need to be professionally taken but should be against a plain background and of good quality. You should be photographed in leotard and tights.

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