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Upper schools in Europe. Advice on applications


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Hello, Babyballerina.  I went to start adding some tags to your post, started typing "Eur..." and came up with the above tags, which may be helpful.  In particular, this thread looks as though it might have some useful information:



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We have some experience of French schools.  The Opera Ballet School in Paris and Rosella Hightower in Cannes.  In general, the process starts way later than the UK and it can be difficult to find information.  The websites are not fantastic.  The information only became available early in the new year.  The Opera Ballet School requires a video and pictures, and I believe this is all due in March.  The English translation is not fantastic, so I would encourage you to call and find out about their process.


For Rosella HIghtower, the first opportunity is in mid/late April.  There is also July auditions.  The process here is all in one day with first round early in the morning and second round in the afternoon.  Very few make it through!  Also, they go by year of birth rather than school year.  So my dd was 2006 birthday while some of her friends were 2007.  They were all year 11, but my dd was put in with the older year audition and her friend was for the younger year (two different dates)


Hope this helps!

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