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Pain on the outside of foot


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Hello :) 


So last Wednesday I had a 1 hour pointe lesson as usual, however the following morning I woke up with a pain on the outside of my left foot. It's a sort of pinching feeling, almost like I need to 'click' my foot, that starts from the last toe and carries up onto the outside of my foot then down into my arch where it seems to fade. It went away after a few days however I could still slightly feel it during my technique classes when rising onto demi or simply pointing my foot. I then had another pointe class this Wednesday and could only muster a few rises, releves and echappes before the pain got too much and my foot started to give way as it were. I could bear no weight on it during pointe without a pain, and trying to stand on my left leg alone was literally impossible. I have just come back from a 2 hour technique and could still feel it slightly again. I spoke to my teacher who said it could be my toe spacer spreading my toes too wide, and since my left if bigger than my right anyway(which has no pain) the shoe may be too narrow, putting pressure on my little toes. She recommended trying some rises without the spacer, however I still feel great pain. 


Has anyone ever had something similar? On monday I think i'm going to have to go and see my GP, however I have an EYB audition at the end of Feb so I'm really scared as to what he's going to say, 

Any advice on what to do would really be appreciated! Sorry for such a long post :(


Thank you

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If I had to hazard a guess I would say it sounds like tendonitis.  But, I don't want to guess - get it checked out by medical professionals.


You might ask your teacher if your weight placement on pointe (including rising and descending) is correct).


Tendonitis must be treated with respect - it can become chronic and its very painful.

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An update- went to see my GP who would not X-ray as it's not swollen/ doesn't hurt when walking or day to day but has said it's most likely strained tendon or ligament. I have to rest that foot for 1 week, and if it's not improved then go back and they will have to X ray and refer me to specialist.


@drdance thank you for telling me this, I had never herd of this before! I think I'm going to follow what the doctor said and if I have to re vist next week, then I will mention this! Cheers

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