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Elmhurst associates (Sunderland) and York scholars


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Can anyone share their experiences with either or both of these associate programs please. We live bang in between both so would have to travel 1 hour each week to either. Don't know whether my dd (age 10) should just audition for both and see what the outcome is but it would be interesting to hear about them first from those who already go.

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Hello my DD knows children who go to both of these programs and we have heard quite positive reports from both They appear to be quite different in their delivery. I am aware that one tends to be in the morning and another in the afternoon I suppose to audition for both and see what the outcome is at least you can make a decision then. Your DD may prefer one over the other at audition. There is also JA for a day coming up at various venues with the RBS.

Good luck in your decision


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My dd is in Sunderland associates. The only things I would say to consider are whether you wanted ballet only or not (Sunderland only has ballet, I believe other places offer other classes too...?) and also there are no mid-associates at Sunderland so if you're hoping to continue onto mids after juniors you'd end up elsewhere for that anyway. Also the floor's a bit slippy lol!

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