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Scottish Ballet Youth Collective Edinburgh


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Was wondering if anyone's DKs living in the East Central Belt/ the Borders would be interested in Scottish Ballet's Youth Collective which is beginning in Edinburgh this month. :D Classes have been running at Scottish Ballet HQ in Glasgow for past 2 years and they've decided to start classes in Edinburgh too - the classes are run in conjunction with the Festival Theatre which is building a new dance studio at the back of the theatre but until that's ready the classes will take place on the stage. The classes are designed to complement regular dance classes. I've copied and pasted details below or have a look at Scottish Ballet's website at: http://www.scottishb...collective.html


Everything my DD has done with Scottish Ballet has been really good so I'm sure this will be too!



SBYC Edinburgh


From January 2013 Scottish Ballet will be delivering SBYC sessions in partnership with Festival Theatre, Edinburgh.

A series of weekly workshops combining ballet and contemporary dance techniques with a range of exciting performance and creative skills. Each class compromises 45 mins of dance technique followed by 45 mins spent exploring a range of skills including choreography, performing with live music, contact improvisation and drama. Once a term, SBYC receives a talk from Scottish Ballet dancers, musicians, choreographers and members of the company’s technical team. Suitable for young people interested in a career in the dance industry and/or who have a general passion for the performing arts. One year of dance experience is essential for all participants

Term Dates:

Monday 21 January – Monday 18 March 2013


SBYC 1 - P6 & 7: 4.30-6.00pm

SBYC 2 - S1-S4: 6.30-8.00pm

Teacher: Amy Noble

For more information contact education@scottishballet.co.uk

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