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Freddie De Tommaso in The Times - and the Royal Opera's Tosca


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There is a nice piece about this new tenor (the first English Cavaradossi at Covent Garden since 1963) in today's Times. As it happens I heard him (in a smaller part) in Vienna in September: I (and the local crowd) were most impressed.


The article is behind a paywall but happy to help those who send me an email address by PM.

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Got to the Friday performance of Tosca and was most impressed all round. With two reservations. All the principals gave the impression that - having sung this two nights before, and presumably sung as strongly as they know how, given that Wednesday was the live transmission - they would have preferred another day off before doing it again. Everyone had passages that were thinner, drier, than they are capable of. But Freddie was deservedly cheered during Act I and again in Act III. One hopes he will tend to that 28-year old voice with care. Perhaps Brexit will give him enough opportunities in the UK so he doesn't wear himself out with international guesting.
My other reservation is related to the conducting. The Ukraine-to-Bayreuth conductor was good, very good, illuminating the score and getting the band to do exceptionally well, although the crowd did not offer them the cheers they gave Freddie. However she did so just a little too carefully, holding back on some speeds, almost academically in several places. But Puccini tempi are tricky, as one can read here:
A good night was had by all and Freddie seems on his way to national treasure status. On the live transmission evening Freddie took over when the billed star had to withdraw. Does anyone have a report? 
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