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Margot Fonteyn's Autobiography

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I have a copy of this book but it is a bit of a peculiar copy:- Firstly it has a whole section at the back of repeated pages and index (?!) and then I am missing pages 193-226 I think of book 2.  Can anyone help - I need to know are there 2 books in the book to start with as it has Book 1 in the front but it says nothing where the next one starts - i.e. I am assuming it is a book made up of 2 books?  If anyone has the book and would be able to photograph the missing pages (not the photos) I would be immensely grateful as I do not really want to buy another copy just for a few pages.  My odd copy was a 2nd hand bargain £3 and turned out to be signed by Dame Margot herself so that more than makes up for the duplicate and missing pagination!!  Thank you in advance!

 Margot Fonteyn: Margot Fonteyn  SIGNED. Hardcover, 1975

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1 hour ago, Odyssey said:

I have a copy which looks to be the same edition and Book 2 starts on page 131 following a series of photo plates. I could take photos of the missing pages on my iPad and send them to you if you pm me.

Great thank you so much! 

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