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Hochschule Munich


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What age group are we talking? My son was there for a year age 11, he left to go to Hamburg instead...

we also moved to Munich, so he was a day student. Change to Vaganova was difficult initially. Teaching is solid, very high standard. Tone is rather rough, you’d need a thick skin. Under 16 they’re really not set up for foreign students, they expect enough German to follow lessons. We left Munich because of bullying at the Ballet School, and absolutely no response from teachers when we reported it  😡

The first response we got was when we withdrew him.

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It would be from age 11. Good to hear that the standard is high. Is that the case also for girls? How long ago were you there?


She has no German though so probably not possible. Might you have any idea where we could find a good private teacher instead? Or is there a German equivalent to this forum?!

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