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Welcome to the forum dancergirl24 :)


There's been lots of discussion in the past on schools for sixth form and auditions - just do a search using the box at the top right of your screen (easiest on a computer rather than a phone I think).


Lower schools do occasionally take students into year 11 but they are usually international students, or ones who have already taken their GCSEs (or perhaps Scottish Highers) either early or perhaps they're not quite ready for sixth form/upper schools. And I think you might actually be asking whether any of the upper schools take someone who should be in year 11.... same answer applies really - you wouldn't be able to take GCSEs if you were at one of the upper schools. It would be very hard to go into year 11 in the middle of GCSEs as the course the school's following may not be the same as the one you're already on.


This thread should start you off.




As there are various other ongoing threads about schools and auditions, let's keep further discussion in them, but perhaps people would like to give you some advice on what you could be doing over the next year before you audition for sixth form/upper schools this time next year.

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Hi dancergirl24,

As others have said, the main reason that schools don't often take new students in in year 11 is the disruption to academic work. I believe that they don't assess anyone out at this stage for the same reason. Obviously the main reason anyone wants to go to vocational school is the dance, but GCSEs are still very important and it would be really hard to achieve your full potential in your exams if you moved school half way through the course. The other thing to bear in mind is that everyone who wants a 6th form place has to reaudition - there's no guarantee that those who are already at the various vocational schools will get places in the 6th Form. So if you started at a school in year 11, you'd barely have got your case unpacked before you were having to start the audition process for 6th forms anyway.

There are lots of good schools offering post 16 training. If you read the old threads that people have posted you'll get lots of different opinions. Different schools have different strengths and will suit different dancers so which ones you choose to audition for might be affected by whether you want a purely classical school or are also interested in other things, for instance contemporary or musical theatre. Sadly the other thing that affects many people is money. Getting accepted by one of the good schools is hard enough, but securing the funding can be even more difficult. For that reason many people choose to audition for quite a wide range of schools rather than focussing on their "ideal" place.

My advice would be to read lots of the threads on here, look at the school websites etc and take advice from your teachers and your parents about what might be the best path for you to take. And don't forget about your GCSEs - my daughter is in year 10 too and I am frequently having to remind her that there is more to life than dancing! Good luck with everything.

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