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Jan McNulty

How to watch Vimeo on a Smart TV

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1.  Ensure that the app is available on your smart TV.


2.  You need a Vimeo account (free).


3.  Get the video up on Vimeo on your laptop using the password or URL you have been given.


4.  When it is on your laptop if you hover your mouse over the picture you should see on the top right hand side a heart and underneath it a symbol that looks like a clock.


5.  Click on that clock symbol (watch later).


6.  Make sure you are logged into your account on your smart tv.


7.  On the top right hand side you should be able to click on the corresponding watch later symbol.


8.  Bob's your uncle!!


Thanks to Bruce Wall and Jeanette for pointing me in the direction of Pennsylvania Ballet.  If I had read the email properly a week ago when I signed up for their live streams I would have known how to do it then.


I've just watched Glass Pieces on my TV and now am rewatching Connection.


Hopefully the above instructions should help people with the Covent Garden streams on Vimeo.

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