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Batsheva Ensemble - Deca Dance - Autumn 2012

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I saw Batsheva Ensemble dancing Deca Dance at the Lowry on Friday evening. Batsheva Ensemble is a group of 18-24 year olds who complement the main company in the way that, say, NDT2 does for NDT.


In the programme notes Donald Hutera states:


"Deca Dance is one of the best 'games' Naharin has yet concoted. A pick and mix of past works crafted for Batsheva".


I think that is a very apt description for this evening of "dance bites" joined together to make a whole evening. For me, Naharin's style is edgy rather than lyrical and is entertaining to watch. The nature of the show is such that the music is a real mis-mash as excerpts from various pieces are danced. A lot of the excerpts feature what I always describe (somewhat inarticulately) as tribal where groups of dancers are moving in unison. There was one duet I found particularly striking. The dancers are wearing deconstructed Elizabethan corset and doublet that would not look out of place in a Kylian work! This duet contained some lyrical movements as well as the more edgy choreography of the rest of the evening. The most "tribal" section is for a group of men who are dressed in trouser-skirts and who smear themselves with mud while dancing around. Throughout the evening there are flashes of lightness and wit.


The ballroom section is absolutely hilarious and more than worth my entrance money on its own!


The curtain fell after the ballroom section and then rose again for the company to perform a piece which I have seen Rambert do. It's the one where all the dancers are on chairs and unclothe themselves (not completely). I apologise that I can't remember the name of the piece. It's a fun end to the evening.


It's worth noting that you should go into the auditorium at least 10 minutes before the start of the performance as one dancer starts the evening before it has started!!

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