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Wanted: ENB Corsaire today eve

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Like Peanut68, I got caught out by the Coliseum balcony having, most unusually, sold out, and there aren't any cheap offers for Saturday.  So just posting on the off-chance that by some miracle someone might have a spare seat going which I can actually manage to sit in (can't manage the front row - except possibly to the immediate right of an aisle; otherwise it tends to be aisle seats or the back row).


Failing that, a standing for the 1.30 Sleeping Beauty matinee at the ROH would be good, so I don't end up with a totally ballet-free weekend ...  (Could swap for a balcony standing for the same cast next Wednesday if applicable)


Please PM me if you can help (and possibly post here, as PMs haven't been showing up recently).  Thanks!

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  • alison changed the title to Wanted: ENB Corsaire today eve

Well fate intervened & an now glad I hadn’t spent a fortune buying tickets as flat tyre meant much chasing around & id never have made journey in time.... 🤞🏻there is a lovely section of Corsaire in the Gala next week for which I did manage to get cheap tickets!! Good luck Alison for tonight.... something might come up 

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