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Giselle repertoire day in the south west


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Just a heads up to any adult ballet dancers based in the West Country - my local studio, DanSci Dance, is holding an adult repertoire day based on Giselle on 21st July, 10:00 - 15:00. It will start with a Progressing Ballet Technique session, then a ballet class, then work on Giselle repertoire. 


I'll be working in the USA, so can't do it, which is a pity as I love the choreography of Giselle. We've been doing Giselle-influenced adage and port de bras in class recently, and it's lovely to dance. It's also nice repertoire for adult dancers because you don't need high extensions or multiple pirouettes to make it look good - the choreography requires you to have a beautiful clear pure line and really gets you thinking about the use of arms, back, and head.


I'm not sure how much specific detail to give here (I'm just a student at the studio - no financial interest!) but the studio website should come up if you google, or search on Facebook. Hope this is OK to post, Mods.

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Bumping this up to say that my same studio is hosting the wonderful Sabina and Joseph of Ballet Classes International, for 2 days (5-6th July) for classes for children and adults (3 classes: 7-11; 12-15; 16+). I did their 16+ class when they were here last year, and really learnt a surprising amount in one class - particularly about the ways that professional dancers think about holding themselves on stage and making combinations flow (we worked on those simple little connecting steps that are so difficult to get flowing!)


They're also just lovely charming people, who don't believe in harming bodies, so the classes are gentle and build up to a rousing finish with grande allegro. Their main aim is for their students to enjoy dancing. Their joy in ballet, dancing, and teaching is really obvious and infectious.


PM me for details and a link to the studio booking site (still not sure how much I can advertise here!)

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