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Found 9 results

  1. **February special classes** I am a former First Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet with 20 years teaching experience. I love that I teach so many different people from young to adults, from vocational to recreational. This time, I am delighted to announce my special Zoom classes for February for adults: 1) Coppelia February Special classes: Every Wednesday for 3 weeks, we will explore sections of the ballet Coppelia. This online course is suitable for adults of all levels, so please share! Wednesdays 2rd, 9th, 16thFebruary 1:45pm - 3:15pm (UK) (8:45am - 10:15am New York) 3 days for £36 On Zoom or on Demand. **Recordings of live sessions, which have been very popular, are also available if you can't make it. 2) Bluebird Variation from Sleeping Beauty: In my regular Thursday adult Repertoire class, for February, we will explore the beautiful variation of Princess Florine from the Bluebird pas de Deux. This class happens every Thursday 10am - 11:30 am, where we cover sections and variations from classical ballets, ranging from Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, and many more. £14 per class - or £72 for 6 classes **Recordings of live sessions are also available. For more information on any classes, please contact me on: lklosardo@hotmail.com Instagram:laetitialosardo www.laetitialosardoballet.com Image: Laetitia Lo Sardo in Coppelia taken by Steve Hanson #coppelia #bluebirdvariation #balletclass #balletforall #balletforadults #professionaldancer #adultballet #adultballetcommunity #iloveballet #specialclass
  2. Do you want to improve your general strength, core, turnout, flexibility, coordination, balance, posture for you dance class? I am Laetitia Lo Sardo, a former 1st Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet with over 20 years of teaching ballet. I am offering this class specifically for adult dancers to complement their dance class. In this friendly class we combine Pilates and strengthening exercises, isolating and strengthening specific muscles to help adult dancers achieve more in their dance class. Classes are on Zoom Live or on Demand (recordings) Mondays 10am - 11am (UK) 1st class is FREE so come and give it a go! For more info, contact me on: lklosardo@hotmail.com www.laetitialosardoballet.com Insta: laetitialosardo
  3. My name is Laëtitia Lo Sardo and I am delighted to offer this Body Conditioning/Pilates class on Zoom. Every Monday 10am - 11am on Zoom. I am a former First Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet and a qualified ballet teacher with Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), and Pilates has been a part of my daily routine for over 22 years - since I had my first injury as a professional ballet dancer. The class combines Pilates and strengthening exercises that I have learned, executed and taught through my 17 year dance career and 22 years Dance teaching career. The class is open to anyone who wishes to maintain and strengthen their overall body, core and flexibility. No previous experience needed. There is flexibility for everyone to work at their own pace within their own abilities. For those taking ballet classes, this class is particularly beneficial to develop and strengthen your core, balance, turnout, posture, gluts, general strength for Demi pointe and pointe work and to improve your power in allegro. If you can’t make it, recordings of live sessions are also available. Classes are on a drop-in basis so you can join us whenever you can/wish. Your 1st trial class is FREE, so come and have a go! For more details, contact me on: Email: lklosardo@hotmail.com Insta: laetitialosardo www.laetitialosardoballet.com
  4. With the Royal Ballet currently performing Giselle at the moment, would you like to have a go at dancing sections of this beautiful ballet? My name is Laëtitia Lo Sardo and I am a former First Soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet and I have been teaching ballet for over 22 years. I currently offer Repertoire classes on Zoom and we are working on Giselle Act II at the moment! Classes are on a drop-in basis so you can join in any time you wish/can. Classes are running on Zoom: Wednesdays 1:45pm - 3:15pm Thursdays 10am - 11:30am If you can’t make it, recordings of live classes are also available. Your first trial class is FREE! For more info, contact me on: Email: lklosardo@hotmail.com Insta: laetitialosardo www.laetitialosardoballet.com Image by Bill Cooper
  5. Just a heads up to any adult ballet dancers based in the West Country - my local studio, DanSci Dance, is holding an adult repertoire day based on Giselle on 21st July, 10:00 - 15:00. It will start with a Progressing Ballet Technique session, then a ballet class, then work on Giselle repertoire. I'll be working in the USA, so can't do it, which is a pity as I love the choreography of Giselle. We've been doing Giselle-influenced adage and port de bras in class recently, and it's lovely to dance. It's also nice repertoire for adult dancers because you don't need high extensions or multiple pirouettes to make it look good - the choreography requires you to have a beautiful clear pure line and really gets you thinking about the use of arms, back, and head. I'm not sure how much specific detail to give here (I'm just a student at the studio - no financial interest!) but the studio website should come up if you google, or search on Facebook. Hope this is OK to post, Mods.
  6. For those who may be interested, Danceworks are once again running an Improvers Ballet Course for adults taught by Dmitri Gruzdev, who has formerly played leading roles in the English National Ballet and partaken in several touring works during his extensive dance career. The course is aimed at those who have attended ballet classes in the past, such as beginner or other improvers classes, and are looking to improve their level towards intermediate. Students may have attended ballet classes, a beginners course or another improvers course in the past. Each class will consist of barre and centre work, improving placement and posture, building up strength and flexibility and learning new steps. The course will run from 21st August - 9th October 2018, every Tuesday from 18:30-20:00. Minimum age is 18, open to both men and women. For more information on the course, Dmitri or to book, click here. For more on all things ballet and dance on our general website, click here. Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!
  7. I've picked this up while culling the links for tomorrow: https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2018/may/02/is-dancing-an-important-part-of-your-life-we-want-to-hear-from-you It may be something our adult dancers would like to participate in.
  8. I've just spent a lovely Sunday morning doing a Progressing Ballet Technique workshop - a gentle introduction to the first level of exercises of this programme. My teacher has done the full training, and is starting to teach us the programme. I found it really interesting - the beginning level we did was not too strenuous, so I was able to work on form & breathing. The exercises working on attitude devant, and also from second to arabesque via a little promenade, were the most challenging, which tells me something about the access I have to my core strength (I have a strong back & core for all the lying down stuff!) and how I need to keep working on engagement of core in extended positions. My teacher is going to do a 45 minute class before our main weekly ballet class, which will be great. Like Pilates, it was gentle, and we were encouraged to work within our body's structure, but the additional stuff using ballet positions and turnout was really helpful. I also realised that I find a lot of the exercises easier in turn out than parallel. Highly recommend, if you live anywhere near a fully trained teacher of the programme.
  9. I hope this is OK, even though it's not strictly about ballet! My local studio has just started a new class - a fast, old school, proper jazz ballet class (none of your Jazzercise!) I haven't done old school jazz ballet for about 25 years, but my first class was terrific fun & the teacher was lovely about me just following along (it's where good basic ballet technique is invaluable). She also threw a bit of Graham technique in there with high releases and spirals - wonderful. Anyway ... not only have I nt done proper jazz ballet for a long time, but my old jazz ballet shoes have gone the way of all flesh. And looking online, there is far more choice than ever before. So I'm looking for people's experiences with types of jazz shoes. I rather like the look of the trainer-style jazz ballet shoe - split sol, but lots of support, and I could use it in my street dance class as well (oh yes, I have taken up street dance. It is far far harder than any Advanced syllabus ballet class I've ever taken). But the Capezio split-sole trainers are pricey and I wondered whether something softer might be better. The only dance shop near me (in my local studio actually) is open mostly for the children's ballet clothes & shoes, so I don't really have a range I can try on. What have been other dancers' experiences?
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