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Bintley's Sylvia Japan Premiere / Bintley, Sakuma, Cao Interview Videos (in English)

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David Bintley's Sylvia will be performed by the New National Ballet of Japan in late October to early November.


Nao Sakuma and Chi Cao will be guesting to the company on the 31st of October and 2nd of November.



You can see some Interview Videos (In English) useing the following link.




David Bintley Interview (at the bottom)


Nao Sakuma & Chi Cao Interview (on the top)


Chi Cao interview (2nd from the top)







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You can enjoy some photographs / re: Sylvia Japan Premiere.


9 photographs of Studio rehearsals in Birmingham (on the Japanese monthly dance web magazine)


Photos of Nao Sakuma & Chi Cao / rehearsing their solos and Sylvia PDD with David Bintley

Photos of Nao Sakuma & Yasuo Atsuji (ex dancer of BRB , a member of New National Theatre Ballet of Japan / performed Orion) rehearsing Sylvia & Orion with David Bintley


You can click to enlarge photographs




10 Stage photos byTakashi Shikama on New National Theatre Ballet of Japan website

(You can see the photo of Nao & Chi on the 2nd from the top (Left), Nao & Yasuo on the 2nd from the top (Right)




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