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"On Point" magazine?

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Wonder if anyone can help. I am looking for an article in the summer 1976 issue of “On Point” (vol.2, no. 1). This periodical was published from 1975 by the American Ballet Theatre, New York, but it does not seem any libraries in the UK carry a run of it. The RAD has a few issues of the magazine but sadly not the one I am looking for.


I would be most grateful for further information as to where one might find a copy. 

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I have a huge collection of ballet magazines, many of which were given to me by the late John Percival's widow.  As I have to downsize (or buy a larger house!)  I am currently sorting them out and if there's anything in particular that anyone wants, I am very happy to help.  Just let me know the details and I'll look through and see if I have it.


I have magazines dating from the 50s/60s so there's stacks of interesting stuff here and if you want to have a look for yourself, I'm only 10 minutes from the Bank ( near Canary Wharf).




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