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Hi all, sorry I know this isn’t ballet related. I’ve been looking online at the harlequin tap and turn boards. My 2 dc’s would like one (between them) but I’m not sure if they’re worth the money - it’s £119 so I don’t want to spend that much if it’s not worth it. Does anyone have any experience of them? 

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If i recall rightly, my husband made one from the offcuts of a laminate floor, stuck onto a piece of hardboard or similar. Not the ideal dance floor of course, but for the amount of time it was used it seemed fine. It was useful for  DD when practising particular steps that she was finding technically challenging  but she didnt use it that much really. No doubt the Harlequin board will be a high quality item but its a lot of money. You could buy an awful lot of laminate for £119...

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