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Ballet Cymru’s Cinderella

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Just back from a Sunday afternoon performance of this production at my little local theatre.I do admire this little company. They always surprise me and are a pleasure to watch. I can’t comment on individual dancers as I was too late to buy a programme but I was very impressed by the Stepmother. Just as with Lady Capulet  in their earlier production of Romeo and Juliet this young dancer was riveting. When she was on stage she was impossible to ignore. However, the dancing all round was of a very high standard. The choreography was also quality. My overriding memory is,as always, how inventive they are. One or two nice twists in the story, A couple of unexpected characters but above all the excellent use of projections. No scenery, very few props but constant interest maintained by clever lighting and projection. Another very satisfying performance on a dreary,pre Christmas Sunday afternoon when I would normally be dozing !

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I was also there this afternoon and I have to agree with all your comments George about Ballet Cymru. A different and much shorter version of Cinderella than usual but really inventive choreography and a tuneful score. Sometimes less is more and it certainly was this afternoon. 

For your information the main characters were danced by the following: 

Cinderella - Beth Meadway

The Prince - Robbie Moorcroft

Prince’s Friend - Miguel Fernandes

Father - Daniel Morrison

Stepmother - Xolisweh Richards

Stepbrother - Alex Hallas 

Stepsister - Maria Teresa Brunello 


I’m not sure who the dancer was who was Cinderella’s Mother/Bird as it definitely wasn’t the one listed on the cast list.

I was really interested to see Xolisweh Richards as I watched her progression through Elmhurst when I was working there and pleased to see what an excellent performer she has become.


Now looking forward to seeing the company in A Child’s Christmas on Tuesday in Aberystwyth.

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Thank you Pilcinella for that information. I can now put a face to the names on Ballet Cymru’s web site. I forgot to mention the music which,I agree, was very tuneful and atmospheric.

When I was waiting for a friend to go in to the theatre I thought I saw a familiar face. As it was one that I normally associate with BRB Friend’s events and matinees at the Hippodrome a number of years ago I presumed that it was a doppelgänger. I wish now, that I had spoken to you. It must be five years since I last saw you.

i hope you enjoy the show at Aberystwyth. I loved the film as it was shot in Montgomery, just up the road from where I live and I am intrigued as to how they are going to translate it into dance. It will be clever I am certain. I regret that I am unable to get to see it. A review would be lovely !

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